Definition of Categories Edition 2019/2020

1- Best Cityscape / Travel Photo
Urban landscape photographs that include monuments, sets of buildings, bridges, scenarios where the city appears as a whole or that portray tourist situations in general including urban beaches.

2- Best Photo Landscape / Adventure
Photographs of natural landscapes that encompass fields, waterfalls, mountains, trails, lakes, oceanic coasts, secluded beaches, grottos and forests.

3) Best Nature Photo (details)
Photographs that involve nature whose vision is more objective such as flowers, gardens, trees, water eyes and streams inserted in this context.

4- Best Animal Photo (details)
Photographs involving animals of all species, except the home, where they are the protagonists of the image.

5- Best National Park Photo
Photos taken at any time within national parks, areas of conservation and preservation.

6- Best Photo of Agribusiness / Hortifruti
Photos that depict from fruits, vegetables, eggs, milk and dairy products, to large-scale production such as plantations, tractor action, wine production, juices, sweets and beverages such as cachaça and cane juice.

7- Best Photo Architecture / Urbanism
Photographs that show buildings in general as buildings, bridges, houses or parks where urbanism has been the differential.

8- Best Picture Portrait of People / Portrait
Photographs that show people and their facial or body expressions, front or profile, in leisure, work or simply reflection or admiration. Need permission to use image.

9- Best Photo Astrophotography
Photographs showing images of celestial bodies such as stars, planets or constellations, where all these bodies present as more than 40% of the image. They can be presented with natural or urban scenarios.

10- Best Sport Photo
Photographs that portray the practice of sports from the most radical ones like surf to the calm ones like the chess.

11- Best Newspaper / Documentary Photo
Pictures that portray a real event of public interest, a catch, a unique and historical moment. They need permission to use the image and complete description of the event.

12- Better Photo Pregnant / babies / family
Photos of professional or amateur rehearsals portraying pregnant women, babies and families. Need permission to use image.

13- Best Wedding Picture
Professional or amateur pictures that register marriages, rehearsals, or honeymoons. Need permission to use image.

14- Best Sexy Photo
Photographs of sensual photographic essays with female or male clothes, lingerie or nudes. Need permission to use image.

15- Best Advertising Photo
Specialized publicity photographs of services or products. You need permission to use the image if the brand of the products and / or model appears in the image.

16- Best Photo Edited / Editing
Abstract or not with montages, special treatments and editing 100% released.

17- Best street / street view photo
Casual photographs / street scenes made in an urban environment that involve the participation of people in the scene.

18- Best Photo Gastronomy
Photographs of compositions of dishes, cuisine and gastronomic processes.

19- Best Random Photo
Photos that do not fit into the categories above – generic

20- Special Category – Best Photo 60th Anniversary of Brasilia
Photographs of the capital of Brazil, architecture, people or nature, that represent and honor the city, its habitat and / or its citizens.

In each of the 20 categories we will have 6 (six) finalist photos that will contest 25 (twenty five) figurines.

The 20 (twenty) winning photos (1st place) of each category are awarded a statuette.
The 2nd place in each category wins the Platinum medal (20 photos).
The 3rd place in each category wins Gold medal (20 photos).
The 4th place in each category wins Silver medal (20 photos).
The 5th and 6th place of each category wins Bronze medal (40 photos).

Among the finalists, will be selected:

A) Cover photo of the commemorative book of the 2019 edition of the Festival that will win a statuette with this mention

B) Best digital photo camera that will win a statuette with this mention

C) Best photo made with cell phone camera that will earn a figurine with this mention

D) Best black and white photo will win a statuette with that mention.

E) Best photo Drone will get a statuette with that mention.

The 280 (two hundred and eighty) best photos placed shortly after the bronze medals will receive the honorable MENTION award

All winning photographs of statues, medals and mentions will be printed in the official book of the Festival which will feature 400 award-winning images.


Brasília Photo Show ®2019