– Tip 1 – Equipment

Get to know your equipment. Read the manual and experiment with what it offers.

– Tip 2 – Photographic Concept

Today’s equipment is excellent. The cameras, from the mobile to the most sophisticated, already come with great technical preparation for you to be able to worry only about the photographic concept. So, pay much more attention to the photo you want to take, look for different angles, rediscover the shapes.

– Tip 3 – Camera Effects

Do not use camera effects to take the picture as this may impair a future image treatment. The effects, if any, can be applied later.

– Tip 4 – Excesses can be harmful

Try not to distort the picture by applying excessive color, sharpness, or distortion effects.

– Tip 5 – Click the same image several times

Insist on your idea of the photo. Click many times, with varied positions, and then choose the best result.


Brasília Photo Show ®2019