Expopic BPS is an incentive program for the exhibition of the photographic art resulting from Brasília Photo Show. The purpose is to promote compositions of physical and digital photography exhibitions, as well as to make available lectures on the history, development, and techniques of photography, including finalization, image treatments, and printing/recording.

For more information, send an e-mail to vergara.br@gmail.com

  • Exhibition If you do not understand, you do not see, if you do not see me, you do not understand

    Solo exhibition of photographer Wander Rocha, from Niteroi, composed of documentary images that seek to shift the viewer’s gaze to characters who live on the margins of society. Estação Casa Amarela, Caçapava, SP.

    More information: http://wanderochaphotography.com/

    Beyond a Look”

    Photo Workshop in São Paulo with TINA GOME

    Class 3: 07/abril/2018



Brasília Photo Show ®2019