Photography: the art that touches the senses and captures the almost invisible to the eyes

International Photography Festival Brasília Photo Show opens registrations for 2019/2020 edition and consolidates as one of the biggest events of the segment in the world

Registration for the Brasilia Photo Show (BPS) 2019/2020 International Film Festival is open! Considered an exponent for the segment, the BPS has broken prejudices, impressed photographers and charmed the audience who enjoys photography. The latest edition of the festival had over 12,000 subscribers, revealed talents, showed that photography is in the midst of a century marked by the diffusion of images and information, has boosted a city of photography. The photographers have stood out in several categories, the records added more than 21 million views in social networks, pointed by the organizers as one of the curators of the festival. From 2015 to 2018, more than 56 million interactions on the official festival page on Facebook were recorded. The winning photos form the collection of a book, gain art status and star in a series of exhibitions. Professional and amateur photographers can participate by sending works through the festival website www.brasiliaphotoshow.com.br until July 16.

Reverting clicks

In 2019, the goal of the organizers is to transform the International Photography Festival Brasília Photo Show into the cultural heritage of the country’s capital. At the end of 2018, the closing of the competition cycle of the 4th edition was held in the City of Photography Brasília Photo Expo, a huge party of the BPS that contributed in the Center of Conventions of Brasília, between the days 15 and 18 of November. Brasilia Photo Expo has redesigned the BPS project, which was born in social networks and became one of the largest in the segment in the world. “In four days of activities, we received an audience of more than 15 thousand people among Brazilian, Brazilian and foreign tourists. The City of Photography hosted an exhibition with more than 2,500 photos of 2,300 photographers – including works of the physically, visually impaired and professionals with Down Syndrome “, remembers Rodrigo Nimer, executive director of BPS and Expo. Visitors also participated in photographic experiences, cultural shows, talks and thematic workshops with icons of photography in Brazil, an image technology fair, book launch, and even enjoyed a museum of photography and the awarding of prizes. One of the highlights of the event was affordability. All the lectures presented were translated into Pounds for the deaf and the exhibition counted on guided visitation for the physically and visually impaired. The project created, in the country’s capital, a differentiated and striking culture pole.

More categories and awards in 2019

In addition to the 16 categories available to participants in 2018, the 2019/2020 edition will offer four more options for photographers, totaling 20. News also in the awards. The best images in new subjects will be graced: cellular, digital, drone, black and white photo and cover. With an inclusive agenda, the last edition received inscriptions from Brazilians and foreigners, professionals and amateurs, adults and adolescents. Participants uploaded images made from mobile phones, amateur digital cameras or more sophisticated equipment. In addition to the coveted statuette, trips to South America and Europe, digital cameras and handsets offered by BPS supporters were among the awards. The City of Photography received foreign curators and photographer Luís Viegas Mendonça, Portuguese winner of the best sensual photo award of the 4th edition of BPS.

The founder and curator of the BPS, Edu Vergara, underlines that the essence of Brasilia Photo Show lies in the democratization of art, photography. “After the inscriptions are closed, the images are scanned by national and international gallerists. In a second phase, it’s audience interaction on social networks that point to winning clicks. The artistic potential is the most relevant factor, among other issues, “reveals the photographer. The comments of the public in the comments about the photos, he said, are taken into consideration and often draw attention to aspects not perceived by the jury.

Exhibitions and Talks

The exhibitions of 2019 celebrate the access to art. They are part of a cycle of exhibitions in open spaces, with free access to the public, in the subway stations of Brasilia. The first show is open until May 2 at Central Station. Then there will be the Galeria Station, Águas Claras, Clock Square and Ceilândia Terminal, respectively (see dates in Programming). During the itinerary, talks with exponents of photography and debates on themes related to this art are also confirmed.

Exhibition Schedule:

Central Station: 04/22 to 02/05 – Talk Photo: 02/05

Gallery: 03/05 to 13/05 – Talk Photo: 13/05

Águas Claras Station: 14/05 to 23/05 – Talk Photo: 23/05

Clock Square Station: 24/05 to 03/06 – Talk Photo: 03/06

Terminal Ceilândia – 04/06 to 13/06 – Talk Photo: 13/06


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