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International Festival Brasilia Photo Show opens registration for 2018/2019 edition with new features

Entries for the Brasilia Photo Show (BPS) 2018/2019 International Festival are open! Considered one of the largest popular photo festivals on the planet, the winning photos form the collection of a book, conquer art status and carry out a series of exhibitions in the main capitals of the country! Professional and amateur photographers can participate and submit their registrations through the festival website www.brasiliaphotoshow.com.br until July 16. The 4th edition of the BPS has many new features. In addition to rewarding the authors of the winning images with statuettes, photographic equipment, cell phones and travel credits, the closing of the Festival will be marked by a series of activities. There will be a four-day event in November at the Ulysses Guimarães Convention Center in Brasilia. On the agenda, there are workshops, photographic tours, portfolio readings, fair of imaging technology equipment, theme parties, and more.

More democratic than ever, 21st century photography captures, connects, awakens, and transports. “The BPS has been unleashing its strings. We do not care if the clicker is professional or amateur. What matters for the Festival is the emotion that the photo awakens, the connections that the click can provide”, observes the idealizer and curator of the BPS, Edu Vergara. According to him, the essence of Brasilia Photo Show lies in the democratization of art, photography. Anyone with a smartphone on hand can participate and vote in the current edition of the Festival. “The collection of photos that make up the book and the exhibitions go through the screen of the curatorship of the festival, but it is the audience that accesses the profile of the BPS in social networks that directly influences the direction of the winners,” reveals the photographer. “With the new technologies, thousands of glances connect through a whirlwind of feelings, realities and reasons, regardless of the distance that separates the photographer from the observer,” he points out.

Everything new again

The BPS 2018/2019 has a lot of new features. The participant can choose between 16 categories at the time of registration. This is a response to requests of photographers who have been working since the first edition of the festival. The new rule will direct participants to their skills and talents. “There will be six finalists in each category. As with the big movie awards, the winner will be revealed only at the time of the award ceremony and receive a statuette. We will have a closing party with music, theater and other artistic performances,” reveals Vergara. The goal is to transform Brasilia Photo Show into one of the city’s cultural heritage, so that everyone can have fun and grow along with the event.

Surprises do not stop there. The awards ceremony is just one of the events closing the 2018/2019 festival next November. There will be four days that will move the Ulysses Guimarães Convention Center. The closure also includes an equipment and imaging technology fair with the exponents of the industry in stands that will bring the main innovations of the sector. “We will also have two interesting experiences, a feast with diverse attractions for photographers to enjoy thousands of clicks focused on people and actions, as well as photographic tours through Brasilia, which is one of the most photographed cities on the planet,” says Vergara. There are also concerts, workshops, lectures, courses, photo chat tables, portfolio readings, a themed toy library, food court, exhibitions and honors to photographers who have marked the history of national photography. “We will be creating here, in the capital of the country, a distinctive and lasting cultural center that will move the world of photography and image technology throughout the year,” he added.


The exhibitions of 2018 provide an eclectic viewer with pictures in paintings and panels. They integrate a series of exhibitions in open spaces, with free access to the public, such as JK Shopping, Taguatinga Shopping, Brasília Shopping and Terraço Shopping. “All exhibitions will have unseen collections, no one will be repeated. Fans of photography will be able to see the photos of the featured categories in the book,” says Vergara. The first show will open on March 23rd (see dates in Service). Throughout the year, talks with exponents of photography and debates of themes related to this form of art will also occur in along with the shows. The end of the exhibitions will be marked with a photo auction held in Brasilia Shopping, on August 1st. Part of the revenues will go to institutions that care for children in need.

Festival Numbers

Brasília Photo Show is considered the largest popular photography festival in Brazil. From 2015 to 2017, more than 32 million visits to the official festival page on Facebook have been registered. Over 20,000 participating photos were posted. The growth in numbers has shown how much the BPS has conquered photographers from Brazil and also from abroad. In the first edition (2015), 5,400 photos were submitted. The festival registered more than 5.2 million views on Facebook. In the second edition, in 2016, 6,400 photos were submitted and received more than 10 million views on Facebook. “In 2017, we broke all records. We had 9,050 photos submitted and about 20 million views. In a single week, we had over 1.3 million people accompanying the festival on our Facebook page. The expectation for 2018 is 15,000 registrations and 30 million views,” says Rodrigo Nimer, executive director of the festival.


Jk Shopping: 03/03 to 01/04

Taguatinga Shopping: 02/04 to 12/04

Brasilia Shopping: 13/04 to 23/04

Terraço Shopping: 24/04 to 03/05

Social Photo Auction – 01/08 in Brasília Shopping


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