1. Make a new login or if already a participant enter with login and password. Website:
  2. At the first access, you must review your personal data.
  3. If you have a promotional code, before sending your photos, enter to receive the benefits.
  4. Click on SEND PHOTOS
  5. Click on SELECT FILES and choose your photo. Make sure the photo is within the requested specifications.
  6. Click on SEND
  7. After loading the photo click the FILL IN DETAILS icon and then the green icon to edit the details. Fill in all the fields.
  8. Click the FINISH icon. If you have already registered your two free photos, you will be directed to the paypal system for payment of the photo.
  9. It will open a screen with the regulation. Read carefully and then click OK.
  10. Soon! Your photo is participating and will be moderated soon. Once this happens you will receive an email with the evaluation status.



  1. The substitution of an inscribed photo is possible only before moderation. Click the purple icon that appears a camera and then do not forget to edit the details of the photo.
  2. Editing photo details is possible only before moderation.
  3. Photos with recognizable people need permission to use the image.
  4. Other doubts and clarifications by the site: or contact us by e-mail:

Brasília Photo Show ®2019