Brasilia Photo Show is the result of a book that tells the visual history of the capital of Brazil and was edited by photographer Edu Vergara in 2013. In his travels around the world, Edu visited Hollywood and thought about creating a photography festival that had the same power and aroused as much popular curiosity as the Oscars.

At the end of 2014, The first edition of the Brasilia Photo Show was launched and managed via social media, with the participation of amateur and professional photographers. In April of 2015, the first submissions / images produced with different types of cameras – from cell phones to professional equipment – began to arrive from all corners of Brazil and the world. After a curatorship of the BPS team, the photos were posted on Facebook for viewing, liking, commenting, and sharing.

The first edition of the festival reached numbers that made the Brasilia Photo Show an unprecedented event. The largest popular photography festival in Brazil was no longer just a dream, it reached more than 5,200 registrations, millions of views, likes, and shares. At the end of 2015, a party held at a movie theatre in Brasilia welcomed participants from all Brazilian states and awarded hundreds of them with cameras, trips, and cell phones. The 306 winning entries were published in the book Brasilia Photo Show 2015/2016.

The great volume of participants and the enormous repercussion of this initiative produced a second result: the company Brasilia Photo Show, whose main objective is to administer the festival, produce the exhibitions of the winning photos, and publish the book of each new cycle of the event. In 2016, with a well prepared infrastructure, a more robust partnership, and a complete technical team, the festival took another leap in terms of participation of photographers and the public on Facebook.

Subscriptions grew 50% compared to the 2015 edition, and the photos achieved 10 million views on social media. The award ceremony brought 250 participants, all of them impressed and proud of their achievements, and delighted with the strength of the festival. In addition to cameras, cell phones, books, and travel credits, the festival included prizes such as the cover photo of the official book and the Brasilia Photo Show statuette, which motivated authors to produce even more. Many have gained the confidence to pursue a photographer career and have already excelled in their regions, with public recognition of their skills.

In 2017, absolute success. More than 9,000 registered photos, of which 8,600 were in condition to be posted on social media. The number of accesses on Facebook also hit a record of about 20 million.

The prestige of the festival has reached partners and brands such as ParkShopping, Bancorbrás, Fnac, Eduk, Oba, Drogaria Brasil, Brasilia Convention Bureau, JK Shopping, Terraço Shopping, Taguatinga Shopping, Brasília Shopping, Radiola agency, Seven Fair, and many other supporters and contributors. The partnerships make it possible for this project to keep moving forward and enhance its creative process. The Festival has already awarded, published in the books, and exhibited in a series of expositions 1,100 photographs.

A new cycle begins, with the launch of the 2018/2019 edition. New challenges will be launched and new achievements are underway. This is Brasilia Photo Show.

Edu Vergara – General Editor


Brasília Photo Show ®2018